Why is downsizing so hard?

Reducing staff and moving are often accompanied by anxiety about the unknown. Anxiety when staff is reduced often comes from the prospect of throwing away possessions and deciding what possessions to take with you. When you've spent a lot of time in a house, a lot of things accumulate. Not only are you moving from home, but you are ALSO seeing everything you have and deciding if it has a place in your new space.

That's why more and more older people are considering downsizing and moving to a smaller home. The decision to downsize your home can be difficult to make and carrying it out can be even more difficult, even when you know it's the best decision. The trick to downsizing when you're overwhelmed is to understand, in general terms, that stress is the symptom and that there are too many things to keep track of is illness. Downsizing to a smaller home can be a real opportunity for those looking to save money and enjoy the capital freed up from the sale of their home.

You can downsize at any time, but it's worth doing some research on where you want to live, what type of property you'd be satisfied with, and being realistic about how much you own. If you're going to reduce your staff in the future, it means you can choose a property that better meets your needs as you age. Here are some brilliant downsizing tips to help make this great transition much smoother and stress-free. If you're thinking of downsizing your home to fit your current lifestyle, here are some things to consider.

If you're curious if downsizing your home could change your life for the better, ask a real estate agent to show you how much your home is worth with a comparative market analysis (CMA). Downsizing can be difficult for those who don't want to change or have become accustomed to their home, but there are many advantages and opportunities. In addition to starting the downsizing process, you can also keep your home free of clutter and things you no longer need. Reducing to a smaller home that costs less and requires less maintenance frees up funds and time for other things.

To help you get started, many senior housing communities have experts in moving and staff reductions or can connect you with trusted providers. For example, you may be a good candidate to refinance your home instead of downsizing it entirely. This is one of the downsizing tips that can be very difficult to accept, because intellectually you know that reducing the size of your home means reducing the size of your belongings, but emotionally it's a different ballgame. Many people are choosing to downsize during retirement, or even sooner, to simplify their lives and save money.