Downsizing in Your Golden Years: A Comprehensive Guide

As you get older, downsizing your home can be a daunting task. It's important to start the process at least three months in advance, as it takes longer than you think. Preparing for the final move takes time, and part of reducing staff means clearing the clutter that has accumulated over the years. Whether you're thinking of moving to a home for the elderly or planning to age in your current home, restoring order or creating a new oasis of calm can be achieved by choosing to proactively downsize. Goodwin Living at Home offers members an annual home evaluation as part of their home aging service.

Recommendations and observations are a useful starting point for making changes, and once you start, you're likely to see the value of continuing. The possibility of reducing the size of your entire home, from classification to conservation, can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone; you can ask family and friends for help. Eileen Spata, area director at TAD Relocation and an expert in helping older adults reduce their size, recommends starting with a simple room, such as an underused guest room or even just a closet. Getting rid of unnecessary possessions means you'll be prepared when you decide to sell your house. Your home will be ready for potential buyers, and whether you choose to move to a smaller home, condominium, or senior housing community, you can embrace your future. As the traveler discovers in Robert Frost's poem, when two paths diverge, we often yearn.

Organizing is another way to reduce size. It's essential if you're moving to a smaller space, but it's just as important even if you decide to retire in the family home. Families earn a lot over the years, so once you've retired, it's time to be honest with yourself and discover which items you need, love and use. Sell, gift or donate any item that doesn't fall into these categories; resist the urge to keep them just because you might need them later on.51 percent of retirees reduce their size to get rid of the worries of maintaining a large home and to have a sense of financial freedom.

Jody Halstead from Ankeny, Iowa thought she would reduce her size but is now considering staying still to have room for her adult children. As more baby boomers retire, real estate experts predict that the impact of their reduction initiative will have a major impact on the country's future housing construction. Reducing staff in your golden years has all kinds of benefits: lower energy bills, a smaller space to clean and maintain, and the ability to get closer to your loved ones. It can be especially difficult if one of the reasons you're reducing your staff is because you recently lost a spouse or partner. These downsizing tips for seniors can help you deal with the stress of downsizing and brighten up the process. Whatever the reason, the act and even the mere idea of downsizing can evoke a lot of emotions in an older adult.

The economy drove Brian DeYoung's decision to downsize; by moving to a smaller house in Danby he was able to significantly lower his tax bill after his 24-year-old daughter moved and bought her own house in the area. If an older adult has physical limitations or medical problems, being “forced” to reduce their size increases the level of depression in many people. If the main reason for the reduction in staff is to reduce costs, you should consider this additional recurring expense. When you start the process, put a staff reduction session on your calendar just like you would with a doctor's appointment. Whether you want to move to Dallas, Texas, to live with loved ones or downsize to a condo in Miami, instead of focusing on leaving your old home behind your downsizing parent can look forward to the new. If you're ready to start downsizing and want more orderly ideas this checklist for downsizing older people offers seven helpful tips.

It's vital that the whole family supports each other during the process of organizing and reducing staff so don't be afraid to ask for or offer help. The couple found a new home in the community of Erin in Chemung County about 40 miles west on Interstate 86 and reduced the size of their five-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home.