How do you downsize when you're overwhelmed?

Over the past decade, I easily got rid of 80% of the things in the house. So I feel qualified to tell you that a drastic reduction in staff is feasible. The best way to do this is to create a plan of attack, room by room. Be as brutal as you can.

You won't get it in either the first or the second sweep. The idea is to make this a regular and intentional part of your monthly routine. Once you've toured the entire house, rest and then walk around with fresh eyes. Limit yourself by category to a specific quantity or space (bin, container, box, drawer, etc.

Reduced staff and moving are often accompanied by anxiety about the unknown). Anxiety when staff is reduced often comes from the prospect of throwing away possessions and deciding what possessions to take with you. When you've spent a lot of time in a house, a lot of things accumulate. If you never thought you were sentimental about your house, try putting it up for sale.

Suddenly, every nook and cranny is the site of some special event or sweet memory. But don't let emotions stop you from reducing the size of your home. You should start the staff reduction process as soon as possible to have time to properly tidy up your home without feeling overwhelmed. Another way to bring joy to the downsizing process is to find a place where your loved one wants to live.

Or it could be that the overwhelming task of reducing staff is enough for some people to throw in the towel at the prospect of ever moving to a CCRC and instead decide to age in their current home. In addition to starting the downsizing process, you can also keep your home free of clutter and things you no longer need. These are some of the common emotional feelings of people who are thinking of reducing their staff and moving to a CCRC. If you think that any step in the reduction and relocation processes is above capacity or you don't have time, seek help.

After making a deposit at a CCRC and shortening the move-in date, the community moving coordinator can help you make decisions about downsizing, referrals for real estate agents, maintenance and moving staff, interior space planning for the new home at the CCRC, and others logistical aspects of moving day. The trick to downsizing when you're overwhelmed is to understand, in general terms, that stress is the symptom and that there are too many things to keep track of is illness. In addition to the inch by inch measurements, you should also consider the bigger picture of what you expect to achieve with the reduction in staff. For example, senior moving managers will help take charge of the entire downsizing and moving process.

Throughout the downsizing process, you may feel a lot of different emotions, some even at the same time. We've put together more than 10 tips on how to reduce the size of your home, plus specific tips for older people looking to downsize and maintain a tidy lifestyle after moving. Feeling sad or feeling pain during staff reduction is absolutely normal, regardless of how much you think you're making the right decision. It can be especially difficult if one of the reasons you're reducing your staff is because you recently lost a spouse or partner.